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April 2008: Girls elope to Bali!

12 Sep

Oik there!

I know you must be surprised by the title. Well, its been a long time since my last writing. So am thinking, why not try to tell my past traveling stories? Who say i can’t? This is my blog, i can do whatever i want. ;D

On April 2008, three girls who worked in some foreign bank felt so stressful at the office. Its been a year working there and they deserved a decent vacation so much! *curhat colongan*

Three girls here are me, Juna and Vera. We’re starting our professional journey in banking industry together in some foreign bank that already closed their business in Indonesia by now. That’s why we’re getting close with each other. If Rumi (another close friend of ours) join this trip, the title would be “Genk Jutawan on holiday!” 🙂

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